1. What if I don't Play Golf?
Everyone is welcome to take part in the Buffet and Dinner following the conclusion of the Golf Tournament. The facility can hold up to 250 people, so we should have plenty of space.
2. How Much of My Donation goes to the League?
100% of the Profits go to the Mansfield Little League. The money is used for field upgrades and helping the kids in the general fund.
3. Can I just Donate?
Yes. We accept all donations.
4. Do I need to be an Expert Golfer to Participate?
No. The purpose of Scramble Format Golf is to allow the team to work together. The rules are as follows:
Each Player on a 4 person team hits their T shot. They select the 'best shot' and then play from that location to the conlusion of the hole. The final score is the team score. So if you hit yours in the woods and another team member is in the fairway, you can play their shot. This alternating format goes on each hole until the round of 18 holes is complete.

5. Is My Donation Tax Deductible?
All or a portion of your donation may be tax deductible. Please consult your Tax advisor for more details. The Mansfield Little League non-profit ID number is 06-1528187